Newcomers of York County
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Our program for this month is to help us understand "Total Wellness"
July 2017 Meeting Highlights
President Pam Dennis  welcoming all attendees and introducing our Speaker, Melissa Taylor.
Melissa explains how small changes in routine can have a big impact on your health and our environment. How to avoid certain cleaning products with toxins. What is important and what is hype on the supplements we take.. 
Vice President Marilyn Hakim bringing us up to date on upcoming events for our Club.
The buffet looks yummy and as you can see some of our Members filling their plates to enjoy!
Betty Hedstrom was the lucky Birthday winner!
Carlene Cotter and Marion Proffit drawing for the Monthly Basket and gifts.
Picture of some of the prizes for the month.
Kathy Christy won the Flower arrangement and the Outback Gift Card.
Barbara Bukolt won the Infinite Wellness Gift Card.
Linda Lewis won the Candle Holder, Candles, Potpourri and Outback Gift Card.
Ginna Hromyak won the BBQ Basket including the Bar-B-Que Queen Apron.
Thank you to Sue Beck for taking the pictures this month.