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The Carol Fields Award
2015 Carol Fields Award Recipient.... Barbara Meighan
In 1978 the membership of the Newcomers Club decided to create an award to honor an individual who had contributed service “above and beyond the call of duty”. The first recipient of this award and the inspiration for it was Carol Fields. Thus, the award became known as “The Carol Fields Award”. This honor is not intended to be given every year, but rather, when an individual is deemed to have earned it through several years of extraordinary service to the club.

The Carol Fields Award 
Past Recipients of The Carol Fields Award 
2005  Jeanne Engle
2006  Cynthia Bottomly
2008  Barbara Rappaport
2009  Brenda Bedi
2011  Sharon Kornberg
2012  Kathy Christy
2013  Nancy Grimm
2014  Jan Webster
2015  Barbara Meighan
This year the committee voted to award one of our members who has been very active in the club for the last several years. She attends Socializers, Bridge, and almost all General Meetings. Her smiling face and friendliness to others is apparent whenever you see her. She has served on the board for 5 years. She has always been willing to host meetings or activities at her home, has offered to carpool, or pick members up at their home. On the board, she has held various positions including Website Administrator and Directory Chair, Treasurer and Publisher.

As treasurer she spent countless hours ensuring that the monthly reports were accurate, was always prepared to answer any questions the board or membership had, and provided important information by tracking numbers from previous years. She also shared any of her concerns about the budget when necessary. But maybe her biggest accomplishment and contribution to Newcomers was her initiative and skills that first created the website for our club. The website has been a wonderful tool for the current members and has also brought many new members into the club. This was an important milestone in our Club’s history. 

I’m sure that you all know who I am speaking about. I would like to present Barbara Meighan with the Carol Fields Award this year. Congratulations Barbara!!

Since its inception, the Carol Fields Award has been presented to:
1978 Carol Fields
1979 Mr. Joe Dukes 
1980 Pat Burrows  
1981 Lib Allen  
1982 Carrington McDermott  
1984 Madeline Englehard  
1986 Sarah Morgan  
1989 Sandi Wardean  
1991 Mary Jane Shepard  
1996 Joan Musselwhite  
1997 Suzanne Kirk
1998 Mignon Eayre
1999 Elly Weiss
2001 Margaret Jefferies
2002 Carol Hostetler
2004 Marianne O'Neill